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Family Heads

The Family Heads are grouped into 14 families from Pelly Crossing (Alfred, Blanchard/Baum, Edwards/Johnny, Harper, Isaac, Joe (Danny), Joe(Tommy), Johnson, Jonathan/Silas/Simon, McGinty, Robert/Luke, Sam, Siverfox/TomTom and Van Bibber.  The Family Heads consist of one Family Elder and one Family Spokesperson. 

Each family decides who is the Family Elder and the Family Spokesperson.  

Governing Institutions

© Selkirk First Nation 2019


Dec 20, 2015
© Selkirk First Nation 2019

The Assembly

Nov 3, 2015
Elder at CYFN General Assembly

The Elders Council

Oct 1, 2015
From Left to right: Chief Sharon Nelson, Wolf Councillor, George McGinty, Youth Councillor, Morris Morrison, Wolf Councillor, Dean Gill, Elder Councillor, Milly Johnson, Crow Councillor, Nesta Hager, missing Crow Councillor, Teddy Charlie

The Council

Nov 3, 2015
Family Heads providing Gi

The Family Heads

Nov 3, 2015