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Fish and Wildlife

Renewal of Trapline Permits

Trapline permits are good for five years.  Trapline permit holders receive a notice in the mail in advance of the expiration of their permits.  Most permits expire in March.  The renewal of your permit is easy.  Contact the Conservation Officer at (867) 863-5271.  It cost $10 to renew your permit.

Hunting and Fishing Permission Slips

A Hunting Permission Slip (consent) from Selkirk First Nation is required before hunting any big game, small game species or any fishing on all Category A and Category B Settlement Lands. Verbal permission from a friend who is a member of the Selkirk First Nation is NOT consent. 

Problem Wildlife

If you are having issues with wildlife such as bears and wolves, please contact the Fish and Wildlife officer at (867) 531-3331 Ext 609