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Each governing institution shall exercise its authority and discharge its responsibilities in accordance with the SFN Constitution, with honesty, in good faith and in the best interests of the Selkirk First Nation.

The Elders Council, the Family Heads, the Council and the Justice Council are accountable to the Assembly.  

Governing Institutions

© Selkirk First Nation 2021


Dec 20, 2015
© Selkirk First Nation 2021

The Assembly

Nov 3, 2015
Elder at CYFN General Assembly

The Elders Council

Oct 1, 2015
Left to Right: Chief Darin Isaac, Elder Councillor Amy Johnnie, Youth Councillor Cody Sims, Crow Councillor Carmen Baker, Crow Councillor Ashley Edzerza, Wolf Councillor Morris Morrison and Wolf Councillor Jeremy Harper

The Council

Nov 3, 2015
Family Heads providing Gi

The Family Heads

Nov 3, 2015