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Dän Ki

Traditional Law is part of Dän Ki “The First Nation Way” – which was our system of survival for thousands of years.  To understand Dän Ki you must know about Doòli.


There is Doòli for animals and plants to show them respect. Personal Doòli is for how people should behave properly towards each other in everyday life.

Everyone followed Doòli as best they could. Making a mistake or being careless and breaking Doòli could cause an illness or injury to the person who broke Doòli or could affect someone else. It might also bring hard times to the community. 

Doòli is an endless process of learning how to live in balance and harmony with everything in this world and the spiritual one beyond.

Traditional Law

Traditional Law is a set of rules that people follow to keep a community healthy and safe. Traditional Law is also a part of Doòliand some people call them “DoòliLaws”. Traditional laws are a bit different because they are not just between a person and the creator but also require the cooperation and advice of other people. When a “law” was broken it was up to the whole community to correct this problem

All of Dän Ki, including Doòli and Traditional Law, are guided by four major principles: Caring, Sharing, Respect, and Teaching

Dän Ki, Doòli & Traditional Law

are guided by four major principals:
- Caring
- Sharing
- Respect
- Teaching


Doòli is our ancient way of living in harmony with the natural and spiritual world. Doòli is all encompassing.