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The Council

The Council is composed of the Chief, four Clan Councillors, one Elder Councillor and one Youth Councillor.  Citizens who can vote at the general election (18 years of age or older) elect the Council.  Their responsibilities include the management of property, interests and affairs of the Selkirk First Nation and their authorities flow through the Selkirk First Nation Constitution.  They report to the Assembly. The Chief and Council are elected into leadership every three years on the 1st Wednesday of April.  The Council chooses the Deputy Chief from amongst its members and may fix the term of his/her office.

The 2014-2017 Council is:

  • Chief: Kevin McGinty
  • Deputy Chief: Millie Johnson
  • Councillor: Lori Sims
  • Councillor: Ashley Van Bibber
  • Councillor: George Magrum
  • Youth Councillor: Shaheen Baker 
  • Elder Councillor: Annabelle Vance-Kurenoff.

Governing Institutions

© Selkirk First Nation 2017


Dec 20, 2015
© Selkirk First Nation 2017

The Assembly

Nov 3, 2015
Elder at CYFN General Assembly

The Elders Council

Oct 1, 2015
From left to right: Chief Kevin McGinty, Councillor Ashley VanBibber, Councillor Lori Sims, Councillor Milly Johnson, Councillor Annabell Vance Kurenoff.  Absent Councillors Shaheen Baker and George Magrum

The Council

Nov 3, 2015
Family Heads providing Gi

The Family Heads

Nov 3, 2015